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Doo Your Part!
[Posted 9/24/2018]  

It is football season and our youth are playing every week at Crestline Elementary.  Can you imagine the pure excitement of one of the players running for a touchdown to only be tackled at the 5 yard line and slide through a huge pile of dog waste that someone left on the field?  Now imagine how bad the smell is and what it takes to get the player cleaned up and the game started again.  Some people do not have to imagine it because it does happen, all too frequently.  This is why we are asking everyone to “Doo Your Part” in helping keep our parks free of dog waste.

Dog waste left on the fields and trails does not just go away or become fertilizer.  In fact, dog waste is very toxic and is labeled as a non-point pollutant by the EPA.  This places it in the same category as pesticides, oil, and other chemicals.  Dog feces can contain many types of parasites and bacteria that can cause humans and other pets to become sick.  Besides the dangers of physically coming into contact with it, remnants can wash into the water ways and cause havoc on the ecosystem. 

These dangers are increasing at our parks, schools, and trails.  This is why the City of Mountain Brook, Mountain Brook Park Board, Mountain Brook Board of Education, and Mountain Brook Athletics are asking all pet owners to be more attentive to their pets’ actions while visiting our parks and athletic facilities.  Doggie Stations that provide bags for waste disposal are present at all of our outdoor facilities to help you “Doo Your Part” in keeping them clean.  We want our parks to remain pet friendly, but not at the expense of our children’s health and well-being.  We thank everyone that is helping us keep our green spaces clean and safe!