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Parks and Recreation

.The Mountain Brook Parks and Recreation Department oversees the maintenance of seven City parks, one hundred and seven parcels of right-of-way property, as well as the sports fields at all the schools. The department's office and maintenance facility is located beside Mountain Brook High School.

Mission statement:
To responsibly manage Mountain Brook’s natural resources and recreational facilities in order to enrich the quality of life of our residents and visitors

Vision Statement:
As a result of the efforts of the staff of the Parks and Recreation Department, Mountain Brook residents and visitors will enjoy the finest park system and recreational facilities in the Birmingham area and in the State of Alabama

Parks and Recreation Projects Planned For 2016-2017:  (with updates)

Invasive plants will continue to be removed from Jemison Park.  This work has already begun.

A new pedestrian bridge will be installed over the creek along Watkins Trace Trail.  This will guide users to the intersection of MB Pkwy and Cahaba Road to cross over to either the Jemison Trail or a newly constructed sidewalk that will lead towards Homewood and connect to their sidewalks and trails.  Watkins Trail should be open to users as much as possible during construction, but please use caution.  The bridge will be a similar design to the other pedestrian bridges within the city: Old Leeds Road and golf courses.  The bridge should be completed by early March and the new sidewalk later in the Spring.  Click here to view the plans for the bridge.

Restrooms are still being planned for the fields at Mountain Brook Elementary and Crestline Elementary.  The restroom at Crestline will be an addition to the existing concession stand.  The one at MBE will be an independent structure.  Because of its prominent location, there is a desire by local residents to raise enough funds to build this restroom with rock walls and a slate roof, rather than have a plain prefabricated restroom.  Click this link to view the desired plans.  Please contact the Parks Dept at williamssh@mtnbrook.org if you would like to donate towards the upgraded design.  Additionally we will replace the perimeter fencing at both fields with black chain link fence.  All of these improvements should be completed by the end of summer.

Fields 4, 5, and 6 at the Athletic Complex will be amended with conditioner to help with playability after rains.  We treated Field 3 last year with great success.

The Mavericks, a local youth baseball team, is working to create a Hydration Station at the Athletic Complex.  They plan to upgrade the water fountain area with new fountains, water bottle fillers, and misting nozzles.  The area will include an area for personalized engraved bricks.  If you would like to donate towards this project and their fundraiser, please click this link:  https://www.bricksrus.com/order/mbhydrationstation/

Newly completed projects:

Field 7 at the Athletic Complex received a facelift thanks to a partnership between the City, MBA, and the MBHS softball boosters.  The infield was re-graded with new material and a warning track was added along the outfield fence. 

A scoreboard was added to the field at MBE.  This will be utilized by LAX in the spring and MBA in the fall.

Two new swings were added to the Tot Lot.  Some of the current play structures were re-configured to make room for the swings and improve visibility of the entire park.

The fence around the field at Brookwood Forest Elementary was replaced with black chain link fence.  It was also installed on the flat areas instead of the banks making it stronger and appear nicer.  An Eagle Scout project was also completed on the back side of the field.  The young man created steps and a trail to make it safer for the children to walk home.

The City is continuing it's plan to install WIFI in its parks.  Please click this link to keep updated on the progress.


Food Trucks will be setting up at Overton Park during the week as a pilot program.  This is the current schedule.  All trucks will be setting up after 3 pm except for Heavenly Donuts.
Monday- Old Town Pizza
Tuesday- Taco Tech
Wednesday- Big Spoon Creamery   /  Heavenly Donuts (6:30-9:30 am)  
Thursday – Saw’s BBQ
Friday – Eugene’s Hot Chicken



Mountain Brook Parks and Recreation
3698 Bethune Drive
Mountain Brook, AL 35223