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With only 2% of its land area developed for commercial uses and being surrounded by other cities with numerous shopping opportunities, Mountain Brook strives to accommodate the needs of its business community.  The City actively supports its local Chamber of Commerce in its efforts to promote business activity.  The City has updated its commercial districts and provides ongoing beautification services to invite shoppers.  The City continues to expand its e-government services to make doing business in the City easier for the business community.  Business operators are invited to contact the City or Chamber for more information or questions.

Any goods bought and sold in Mountain Brook are taxed by the State at 4%, the County at 2%, and Mountain Brook 3% for a total of 9%. This is a very competitive and comparable City tax structure.

One-Stop Development Guidance
Come chat with key city officials for preliminary feedback on your new business or multi-family proposal Officials in attendance each Monday morning consist of the Fire Marshal, the Building Official, the Revenue Examiner, the City Planner and the Zoning Administrator.  Guidance given may pertain to Fire/Life Safety Code, Building Code, Licensing, Zoning Code and Design Review.  Appointments are encouraged (contact Tammy Reid, 802-3810 or reidt@mtnbrook.org).  Appointments will be given priority; walk-ins are on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Meetings are from 8-9am on Monday mornings in Room A231.  Construction drawings are not required, but bring any preliminary plans that may illustrate the design intent and facilitate discussion.

General Information