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Forms and Payment Options


Forms are available on the City's website for current and prospective business and residents.  Please print the forms needed and complete all necessary information.  Available forms include:  Business License Applications, Home Occupation Application, Blank Tax Return, Contractor Surety Bond, Door-to-Door Solicitation Application, Application for Garage Sale Permit, and Event Permit Application.  These documents can be downloaded and printed by using our www.mtnbrook.org  listed under the Businesses tab.

Color coded permit applications are available in the License & Permit Department located at:
   City of Mountain Brook
   56 Church Street
   Mountain Brook, AL 35213

Payment Options

You may visit the City's website to for Business Licenses & Sales Tax.  To do so, you will need your customer identification number and personal identification number (pin).  For assistance, contact the Licenses Department at (205) 802-3805.

Citizen Web (City of Mountain Brook Online Services)
Forms of payment include credit, debit or electronic check.
Please be advised that you will be assessed a $5.00 transaction fee for all credit and debit card payments.

State of Alabama (MAT)
If using the State of Alabama website (MAT) the City of Mountain Brook Code is 9135.
You will also need your customer identification number from the City of Mountain Brook in order to process your transaction.
State of Alabama Help Desk: 1 (800) 267-2146

Payments by mail should be sent to the following address:

City of Mountain Brook
P. O. Box 130009
Mountain Brook, AL 35213-0009