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Business Licenses

City of Mountain Brook Business Application may be obtained by contacting the Licenses & Permits Office at (205) 802-3805, facsimile(205) 870-3590, or from the City's website (www.mtnbrook.org) under Businesses located on the top ribbon (upper right).

A business license is required for any business, trade, vocation, occupation, profession or exhibition conducted in the City of Mountain Brook.   Please contact the office listed above for information concerning requirements such as certifications, approvals and fees.

Some types of business require more than one business license, special approval, or state/professional certification or permit. There are also zoning regulations regarding certain types of business within the various zoning classifications of the City.  Always verify in advance that the zoning of a location is appropriate for your business before signing a lease and verify that adequate parking spaces are available to meet the zoning requirements for your type of business.


Permit information can be obtained in the office of the Licensing and Permits Department.   Permits must be obtained for the following:

 Construction, reconstruction, or renovation, addition, alteration or repair to residential or commercial structures
 Accessory Structures
 Heating & Air
 Sprinkler Systems
 Miscellaneous  Work

***Persons permitting electrical, plumbing, gas or heating and air work must hold proper certifications. ***