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A blank tax return may be obtained by contacting the Licenses & Permits Office at (205) 802-3805, by facsimile (205) 870-3590, or by using our online system www.mtnbrook.org/ listed under Businesses and Blank Tax Return on the website.

City of Mountain Brook Tax Information

Type of Tax Rates
  Sales    3%
  Seller’s Use   3%
  Automotive    3%
  Machines     3%
  Rental /Lease   4%
  Automotive  4%
  Lodging Tax  6%
  Liquor Tax   4%
  Use Tax   3%
  Wine Tax   7¢ per liter
  Discount   1.5%

Returns must be received or postmarked by the 20th day of the month following the reporting period for which you are filing to be considered timely.

Returns filed for Sales/Seller's Use, Rental/Lease and Use Taxes will be allowed a discount if paid by due date.    (By law, discounts are not allowed for Lodging, Liquor and Wine taxes).