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Planning Commission Cases

Planning Commission Agendas and Cases

For cases more recent than November 2015, please go to the Government tab - Other Meeting Agendas - Planning Commission.

November 2, 2015

Case P-15-05
Aerial of Proposed Location
Proposed Site Plan
Proposed Elevations
Proposed Floor Plan

Case P-15-06
Administrative Amendments to the Subdivision Regulations

October 5, 2015
Meeting is cancelled due to lack of business

September 8, 2015 (Tuesday)

Case P-15-01 (combining 3 lots into 2 lots):
Proposed Plat

Case P-15-02 (subdividing 2 lots into 3 lots):
Proposed Plat
Existing Structures

Case P-15-03 (subdividing 1 lot into 2 lots):
Proposed Plat
Existing Survey
Example of Possible Building Footprints (for illustrative purposes only)

Case P-15-04 (widening an existing easement):
Proposed Plat

August 3, 2015

Case 1961:
Proposed Plat

Case 1963:
Proposed Plat

Case 1964:
Proposed Plat

Case 1965:
Proposed Plat

July 6, 2015

Case 1957:
Proposed Plat 

Case 1958:
Proposed Plat

Case 1959 (Concession Building Remodel at Crestline Elementary Recreational Fields):
Request from Parks & Rec Director, Aerial, Floor Plan & Elevation

Case 1960 (The Manning - Entry Gate/Fencing/Columns):
Site Plan & Elevations

June 1, 2015

Case 1952:
Proposed Plat

Case 1953:
Proposed Plat

Case 1954 (combining two lots into one lot):
Proposed Plat

Case 1955:
Proposed Master Development Plan Amendment (porch addition to cafeteria):
Proposed Site Plan and Rendering
Demolition Plan, Proposed Floor Plan & Elevation

Case 1956:
Proposed Plat (combining three lots into one lot)

May 4, 2015
Meeting is cancelled due to lack of business

April 6, 2015
Meeting is cancelled due to lack of business

Case 1947 (Bruce MacClary, 2536 Montevallo Drive) has been withdrawn

March 2, 2015

Case 1944 (carried over from February 2, 2015):
Revised Plat

Case 1947:
Proposed Plat (applicant requested that this case be carried over to the P/C meeting of April 2, 2015)
Proposed Site Plan (related BZA case 4169, March 9, 2015) (applicant requested that this case be carried over to the BZA meeting of April 20, 2015)

Case 1948:
Proposed Plat

Case 1949:
Proposed Subdivision (same as previosuly approved by the Planning Commission on June 2, 2014)

Case 1950:
Proposed Plat (same as previosuly approved by the Planning Commission on November 3, 2014)

Case 1951:
Proposed Site Plan (adding two small portions of neighboring property to the south to Cahaba River Park, to serve as additonal landscape buffer)
Proposed Plat

February 2, 2015

Case 1942:
Proposed Amendment to the Master Development Plan (Park at Overton)

Case 1943:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1944:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1945:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1946:
Proposed Resurvey

Proposed Amendment to Vine Street Transitional District
For reference purposes:
Proposed Site Plan for the rezoning of 30 Dexter to VST District (to be heard by the City Council February 23. 2015) 

January 5, 2015
Meeting Cancelled Due to Lack of Business

December 1, 2014

Case 1936:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1937:
Proposed Subdivision

Case 1938:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1939:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1940:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1941:
Proposed Rezoning to Vine Street Transitional

November 3, 2014

Case 1928
Proposed Plat

Case 1929
Proposed Plat

Case 1930
Proposed Plat

The Pig Cases:

Case 1931
- Rezoning Lot 26
Case 1932 - Rezoning Lot 27
Case 1933 - Rezoning Lot 28-A
Pertaining to all three above rezoning cases:
Existing Survey of subject three rezoning lots and other lots in the vicinity that are associated with the proposed rezoning project;
Proposed Site Plan;
Proposed Elevations;
Updated Traffic Impact Report - Skipper & Associates, Inc.;
Sain & Associates Review of the Skipper Traffic Impact Study.

Case 1934 - Conditional Use to allow Scout House in Res-C District on Vine Street:
Proposed Site Plan;
Contextual Plan;
Photos of Existing Scout House to be relocated to opposite side of Vine Street;
Existing Survey of subject Scout House lot and other lots in the vicinity that are associated with the Pig rezoning cases.

Case 1935:
Proposed plat

October 6, 2014
Corrected Agenda

Case 1919:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1922:
Previously-Approved PUD Plan - 2007
Proposed Amended PUD Plan
Proposed Entry Improvements

Proposed Plat

Case 1926 (Piggly Wiggly) Resurvey: (this item has been removed from the October agenda)
Proposed Plat

Case 1927 (Piggly WIggly) Rezoning: (this item has been removed from the October agenda)
Proposed Preliminary Site Plan
Traffic Impact Study - Skipper Consulting, Inc. - September 2014

September 2, 2014 (Tuesday)
Corrected Agenda

Case 1921:
Proposed Plat
Existing Survey

Case 1922 (Pilgrim Place Development Plan):
Proposed Site Plan
This case has been removed from the September 2, 2014 agenda and will be heard by the Planning Commission on October 6, 2014.

Case 1923 (Pilgrim Place Record Map):
Proposed Record Map (changes highlighted)
Previously Approved Development Plan October 9, 2007 

Case 1924:
Proposed Plat
Existing Survey

August 4, 2014

Case 1919 (carried over from the July meeting):
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1920:
Proposed Amendment to the Master Development Plan for Overton Park
Proposed Vicinity Maps and Site Plan

July 7, 2014

Case 1915:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1916:
Proposed Site Plan, Floor Plan & Elevations

Case 1917:
Proposed Site Plan, Floor Plan & Elevations

Case 1918:
Proposed Lane Parke Amendment, Elevation & Grocery Floor Plan

Case 1919:
Proposed Resurvey

June 2, 2014

Case 1909:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1910:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1911:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1912:
Proposed Restroom Location & Plans

Case 1913:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1914:
Proposed Amended Development Plan for The Park at Overton

May 5, 2014


Case 1907:
Proposed Plat (vacating easement by proposed plat)

Case 1908:
Proposed Site Plan for Rezoning

April 7, 2014


Case 1904:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1905:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1906:
Existing site conditions
Proposed Rezoning site plan, floor plans, and elevations
Proposed Petition for Vacation of alley to the south and east of subject rezoning property

March 3, 2014


Case 1903:
Proposed Plat

February 3, 2014

Revised Agenda

Case 1899 (Resurvey on Winthrop Avenue):
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1900 (Resurvey on Country Club Road):
Existing Survey
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1901 (CVS Drive-Thru):
This item has been removed from the agenda as it has been determined by the City Attorney that no approval of the Planning Commission is required.  At this point, no plan has been submitted which meets City requirements.  When a new plan is submitted, it will be reviewed administratively for compliance but no further planning commission approval will be necessary. 
Existing Site Plan
Proposed Site Plan

Case 1902 (Botanical Place Revised Landscape Plan):
Previously-Approved Landscape Plan
Proposed Revision to Landscape Plan

Proposed Amendment to Section 129-431 of the Mountain Brook City Code

January 6, 2014
Meeting cancelled sue to lack of business

December 2, 2013

carried over from November 4, 2013 at applicant's request

Case 1896:
Proposed Resurvey

Proposed Resurvey (Proposed PNC Bank site, combining 4 lots into 1 lot)

Case 1898:
Proposed Subdivison (Dividing 1 lot into 2 lots) (previously approved in July 2013, but not recorded)

November 4, 2013

Case 1893:
MBHS Proposed Softball Field House Addition

Case 1894:
PNC Bank Drive-thru

Case 1895:
Calton Hill Proposed Resurvey

October 7, 2013

Case 1890:
Proposed Resurvey (2 lots into 1 lot)

Case 1891:
Proposed Site Plans (additional surface parking)
Revised Site Plans Recommended for Approval by Planning Commission on October 7, 2013 (for Council hearing November 12, 2013)

Case 1892:
Proposed Master Development Site Plan/Rezoning to RID

September 2, 2013

Case 1887:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1888:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1889:
Proposed Subdivision

August 5, 2013

Case 1886:
Existing Survey
Proposed Resurvey

July 1, 2013

Case 1883:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1884:
Proposed site plan, floor plans and elevations

June 3, 2013

Case 1882:
Proposed Resurvey

Proposed Vine Street Transitional District zoning amendment & map of properties potentially eligible to apply for rezoning to VST District

May 6, 2013

Case 1881
Proposed Resurvey, Combining Two Lots into One Lot
Proposed Landscape Plan

April 1, 2013

Proposed Vine Street Transitional District Zoning amendment
Map of properties potentially eligible for rezoning

Map of property to be zoned Estate Residence
Vicinity Map

March 4, 2013

Case 1873: Applicant has requested that this case be withdrawn

Case 1877: Thompson 5-Lot Subdivision
Proposed Plat

Case 1878: MBHS Addition to Field House
Proposed Site Plan, Floor Plans and Elevations

Case 1879: Amendment to Lane Parke PUD
Proposed Amendment to pages 34 & 35 of approved PUD,
lowering required first floor elevation by 1-1/2 to 4 feet
(see site plan for buildings that could have finished floors lower than 1-1/2 to 4 feet above finished grade if proposed amendment is approved by City Council) 

Amendment to Subdivision Regulations (amended in its entirety) 
Related Road Classifications Map

Proposed Amendment to Chapter 129 (Zoning Code) to allow veterinary/animal grooming uses as a conditional use
in the Local Business District (see #7, bottom of second page)

Febraury 4, 2013

Case 1873 - Knesseth Israel
Carried over to the March 4, 2013 meeting at the request of the applicant

Case 1875:
Proposed Plat

Case 1876:
Proposed Plat

January 2013 meeting cancelled do to lack of business

December 3, 2012
December Agenda

Case 1873: Knesseth Israel - conditional use (proposed relocation)
Proposed Site Plan (Original)
Proposed Alternate Site Plan
Proposed Floor Plan (convert existing single family dwelling to synagogue)

Case 1874:
Proposed Plat
Existing Survey

Proposed Zoning Ordinance Changes (REVISED, with changes resulting from the November 5th P/C meeting):
Public Notice
VST map (properties that would be eligible to apply for rezoning to the proposed VST district, if adopted)
Proposed VST District regulations/development standards
Proposed Changes to Article XXXI, Village Overlay Standards
Proposed changes to Section 129-416 (Village Design Review)

November 5, 2012
November 5. 2012 agenda

Case 1872: Lane Parke Subdivision
Proposed Plat

Proposed Zoning Ordinance Changes:
Public Notice
VST map (properties that would be eligible to apply for rezoning to the proposed VST district, if adopted)
Proposed VST District regulations/development standards
Proposed changes to Article XXXI, Village Overlay Standards
Proposed changes to Section 129-416 (Village Design Review)

October 1, 2012
October Agenda

Case 1871:
Proposed Plat

September 4, 2012:
September Agenda

Case 1870:
Proposed Plat and Existing Survey

Lane Parke:
Petition to Vacate Public Right-of-Ways

Complete Streets:
Draft Resolution

August 6, 2012:
August agenda

Case 1869:
Proposed Plat

June 4, 2012
June Agenda

Case 1866
Proposed Subdivision (yellow line represents new property line)
(one lot into two lots)

Case 1867
Proposed Resurvey (yellow line to be eliminated)
(two lots into one lot)

Revised zoning amendment - fences & walls

May 7, 2012
May agenda

Case 1862:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1863:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1864:
Proposed Resurvey

Case 1865:
Proposed Site Plan & Elevations

Proposed Fence Ordinance