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Board of Landscape Design

Mountain Brook Board of Landscape Design

We strive to provide services that are designed to support the city’s efforts to maintain and sustain Mountain Brook’s community forest. Well-managed trees are a vital part of the community and enhance the quality of life in the town. Our goal is to have trees that are safe, healthy, well placed and attractive, on both city-managed and private property, through the use and advocacy of professionally accepted arboricultural practices. We hope to accomplish this through special events, coordination with the city council, city employees, civic organizations, private businesses, professional associations, and other statewide entities.

Membership List

Sim S.W. Johnson (Chair)
Stephen Gidiere
Lindsay Puckett
Sally Legg
Brandon Plowden
John Wilson
Elizabeth Poynor

Non-voting affiliates

Sam S. Gaston (City Manager)
Virginia C. Smith (Council Liaison)
Don Cafaro (City Arborist)
Louise Wrinkle (Advisory Committee)
Norman Kent Johnson (Advisory Committee)