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Refuse / Compost



GARBAGE:  Garbage is household solid waste.  Garbage Is serviced once per week behind the house or by the garage with a maximum container size of 30 gallons.  Larger containers, including 90-gallon rolling carts, will have to be placed at the curb for pickup.  If the driveway is blocked or there are dogs out, Waste Management may not be able to service the garbage.


RECYCLING:  Is serviced once per week curbside, same day as garbage.  The following items may be recycled:

Newspaper, Mixed paper, Junk mail, Copy paper (most paper that tears), Aluminum, Steel and other metal cans,  No. 1 and No. 2 plastics (HDPE-clear plastic milk jugs and PET plastic soft drink containers), Magazines, Cardboard (with no food on it), Moving boxes and other Corrugated or Cardboard like Cereal boxes.

NO CONTANIMATION SUCH AS:  Glass, Plastic bags, Bulky plastic items (coolers / toys), Garden hoses, Wire hangers, Foam products, Electronics, Rubber balls. Contamination will cause loads to be delivered to MSW landfills.

One bin per household is provided by Waste Management.  Additional bins can be purchased from Waste Management for $20.00 each.

TRASH:  Is serviced once per week curbside, same day as garbage service.  Trash examples are as follows:

Small piles of limbs, bagged grass and leaves (up to 5 bags), furniture, mattresses, appliances, clothing, paper products, moving boxes, yard work supplies (flowerpots, hose and tools), glass, crockery and metal.

KNUCKLEBOOM:  Collected on a weekly basis curbside, same day as garbage service.  Tree limbs up to 90 pounds and up to 6 feet long.  Only trees and limbs cut by the resident will be picked up by Waste Management.  Any tree cutting and trimming work done by a contractor MUST be removed by the contractor.


Paint Cans – Remove the lids of the cans.  If paint is still inside, place sand, dirt or kitty litter on top of it, then set the cans, with lids off, at the curb on garbage pick-up day.

Appliances with Freon (such as refrigerators and air conditioners) – Will not be picked up until these appliances have been drained of Freon and a certified sticker has been placed on the item.  A technician at an appliance services department can provide the Freon removal.  The items can then be placed at the curb on garbage pick-up day.


Dirt, rocks, gravel, concrete bricks, construction material, batteries and tires.

Problems with Garbage, Trash, or Recycling Services
Please contact Waste Management at 841-2740 or the Public Works
Department at 802-2390. Public Works regular office hours are Monday - Friday from 6:00 am until 4:30 pm

City of Mountain Brook’s Compost Policy

Please click on this link Compost Policy to view the City of Mountain Brook's Compost Policy.