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Traffic Ticket Fees

Driving in wrong direction on one way street or alley$185.00 Improper passing$185.00
Driving on wrong side of road$195.00 Improper/No signal$185.00
Driving while operators view obstructed$185.00 Improper turn$185.00
Driving with expired driver's license$235.00 Improper window tinting$185.00
Driving without first obtaining a driver's license$240.00 Texting while driving$190.00
Failure to dim headlights$175.00 No driver's license in possession$225.00
Failure to drive within traffic lane$185.00 No helmet (motorcycle rider)$175.00
Failure to obey lawful command$185.00 No proof of insurance$215.00
Littering Law$265.00 No vehicle registration$190.00
Failure to yield to emergency vehicle$215.00 Off truck route$185.00
Failure to use child restraint$190.00 Open container violation$41.00
Failure to wear to saftey belt$26.00 Passing in prohibited zone$185.00
Failure to yield right of way$185.00 Running red light$185.00
Following to closely$185.00 Running stop sign$185.00
Improper license tag or no license tag$190.00 Speeding (less than 25 MPH over speed limit)$185.00
Improper lights$185.00 Speeding ( 25 MPH  or more over speed limit)$205.00
Improper muffler$175.00 Stopping on highway$195.00
Improper or no rearview mirror$185.00 Violating driver's license restriction or endorsement$225.00

 Click HERE to pay a traffic ticket, or you can call 1-844-334-4349