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Parks and Trails

Jemison Park    (2615 Mountain Brook Parkway)

This 54-acre linear park designed for preservation as a green way, is used for walking, jogging, reading, bird watching, and enjoying a picnic.  Visitors are able to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while strolling along Shades Creek.  Owls, hawks, raccoons, and fox are among the animals residing in the area, along with abundant native plant species.  The natural beauty of the area makes Jemison Park one of the most popular walking attractions in Mountain Brook.  The one mile concrete trail connects with the Nature Trail and the Watkins Trace Trail.  Because it is tied in with the City’s sidewalk system, it is easily accessible to residents.  There are also several parking spaces along Mountain Brook Parkway for parking.

Nature Trail     (3344 Overbrook Road)

On the east end of Jemison Park is the Nature Trail which stretches 6/10 of a mile long before connecting to the City’s sidewalks at Beechwood Road.  It is a gravel path that runs parallel with Overbrook Road and offers scenic views of Shades Creek.

Watkins Trace Trail  (2400 Mountain Brook Parkway)

On the northwest end of Jemison Park is the Watkins Trace Trail.  It is 4/10 of a mile and runs parallel with Cahaba Road.  The gravel trail winds peacefully towards Mountain Brook Elementary and connects with the City’s sidewalks at Watkins Road.

Irondale Furnace  (4143 Stone River Road)

The Irondale blast furnace is steeped in local history, dating back to the Civil War, but today the location consists of a tranquil walking trail leading to the site where the furnace once stood.  The foundation was recently restored, and plaques tell the story of the facility that once occupied over 2,000 acres.  Benches are available in the open grove and provide a peaceful respite in the wooded area.  Dog stations are available on site, so residents are encouraged to bring the family pets and enjoy the beauty of this natural park.  The end of the 6/10 of a mile trail connects to the City’s sidewalks on Old Leeds Road.  Parking is provided on Stone River Road.

Overton Park  (3020 Overton Road)

Overton Park offers something for every member of the family.  A large playground area is perfect for children, while a 2/10 of a mile brick walking path gives parents a chance to exercise.  A beautiful lawn area offers opportunities for a picnic, and a pavilion is available to rent for birthday parties or other celebrations.  A single unisex restroom is conveniently located within the park.  There is plenty of parking with one parking lot located by the tennis courts and another parking lot shared with the Jewish Chabad Center next door.  Grilling and inflatables are not allowed in the park.

In addition to the park area, tennis and basketball courts are also available for public use.  Residents are asked to be courteous and limit playing time to one hour when others are waiting for a court.

For more information on renting the pavilion, please refer to our Facility Rental Agreement.

Crestline Tot Lot  (3781 Jackson Boulevard)

The Tot Lot, located in the heart of Crestline Village, consists of play equipment primarily designed for young children.  The park is completely fenced, allowing children to safely enjoy the swings and play set, while their parents relax at the picnic tables and benches.  Parking is available in the adjacent alley above the park and across Church Street along Jackson Boulevard by Crestline Elementary.  Dogs are not allowed in the Tot Lot. 

Canterbury Park  (2750 Canterbury Road)

Located just off Montevallo Road, Canterbury Park consists of a small playground area that is a great place for young children to play.  Picnic tables and benches are also found at the park, providing parents a place to sit and talk while their children enjoy some fun.  This park serves as a convenient gathering place for neighbors and is a popular hangout for kids after school.

Mountain Brook Presbyterian Church  (3405 Brookwood Road)

In conjunction with the Mountain Brook Presbyterian Church, the City of Mountain Brook built a walking trail around the church property.  The trail was built partially on the easement of the street right of way and partially on the church property.  This undulating trail, which is 7/10 of a mile long, is open to the public for walking and jogging.

Cahaba River Walk  (3503 Overton Road)

Cahaba River Walk, Mountain Brook’s newest park, opened in April 2015.  It is a 5-acre park located along the Cahaba River.  This park is special because of the diverse activities it offers to visitors.  There is a 2/10 of a mile paved walking trail, a pavilion for social gatherings, some exercise equipment, and open space for free play.  There is also easy access to the river for fishing, swimming, and rafting.  This park is truly a unique gem in that it offers all these activities and still maintains a beautiful natural setting.

For more information on renting the pavilion, please refer to Facility Rental Agreement.


Download 11x14 printable walking map here.

The City park facilities offer a wide array of recreational opportunities from tennis, soccer, baseball, and football to play areas for children, walking trails, and natural environments to allow residents to experience nature with the City. The City also operates Overton Pavilion which can be rented for parties. For reservations please call 802-3877.

Mountain Brook Parks and Recreation
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