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Information Technology

In This Section...

Welcome to the City of Mountain Brook IT page

                                                                                    Mission Statement

Our fundamental mission is to deliver cost effective, reliable, innovative services and solutions to our departments and staff in order to provide high quality, effective services to the City of Mountain Brook.

Contact us

Steve O'Dell 802-3820       odells@mtnbrook.org
Gilbert Aban 802-3819       abang@mtnbrook.org


The City of Mountain Brook Department of Information Technology is responsible for providing cost effective and innovative information technology, leadership,  guidance, and support to the city departments and staff. The department works to improve the government's efficiency through technology.

Additionally, the department provides:

  • Installation, maintenance and support of City personal computers, workstations and servers
  • Administration and support of the City's data network and servers
  • Management and support of the City's central data services
  • Support for the optimal use of technology in the City
  • Help Desk support and administration for City systems

We are dedicated to delivering professional service in a courteous manner to every department at the City of Mountain Brook.

Goals for the IT department: 

  • Evaluate offsite Backup network data solution  (In progress)
  • Migrate server operating systems to server 2008 or 2012
  • Add Additional Storage to VM (Completed)
  • Test all applications for Server 2008 or 2012 compatibility     
  • Evaluate newer server operating systems for future upgrades
  • Evaluate In car and body cameras for Police Dept.(Completed)
  • Evaluate Patch Management, Remote Control and Desktop Management software
  • Install WiFi in Villages, Athletic Fields and Parks (In progress 2018)
  • Install Windows 10 operating system (In progress)
  • Evaluate Tablets to interface with CAD and Fire Systems
  • Upgrade PRI to VOIP (Completed)


Ongoing IT Objectives:

  • Regularly look for technologies and applications to enhance City services
  • Maintain and support existing application software
  • Continuously monitor software trends and continue evaluations of existing software environment
  • Provide courteous, timely and effective desktop support services
  • Continue older PC replacement as budget allows
  • Continue timely and effective desktop application support services
  • Continue to develop Intranet site.
  • Continue training on current and newer technologies to provide better services to the city
  • Reduce overall cost