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Glen Merchant, Building Official
Phone: (205) 802-3812
Fax:     (205) 870-3590
Email: merchantg@mtnbrook.org

Responsibilities include:  1) approval of building permits; 2) plan review; and 3) enforcement of subdivision regulations and zoning regulations.

David Boyanton, Building Inspections Officer, Building Inspections
Phone: (205) 802-3813
Fax:     (205) 870-3590

Michael Glaze, Building Inspections Officer, Plumbing and Gas Inspections.
Phone: (205) 802-3814
Fax:     (205) 870-3590

Building Inspections Officer, Electrical and Mechanical Inspections
Phone: (205) 802-3815
Fax:     (205) 870-3590

Each of the inspectors above are available to answer questions about the City's Building Code, building requirements, and permitting procedures.

Tammy Reid, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (205) 802-3810
Fax:     (205) 879-6913
Email: grahamt@mtnbrook.org

Dana Hazen, MPA, AICP
Director of Planning, Building & Sustainability

FAX: 205/802-2401
Office hours:
Monday-Thursday 7:30 - 5:30
Alternate Fridays 7:30 - 4:30 or OFF day (click here for 2015 office schedule) 
(for your convenience, call or email for appointment on Fridays)