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Temporary Banners

A Note about Temporary Banners

In November 2007 the City Council amended the City's temporary banner ordinance. Two types of temporary banners are permitted:

  1. new businesses may utilize a banner until a permanent sign is installed, or for a period of 45 days (whichever time period is shorter); 
  2. "special event " banners may be utilized for special sales, events or activities. These banners are limited to 21 calendar days of display per year (plus additional unlimited time between Thanksgiving and the New Year holidays). Size and installation parameters may be found within the ordinance itself.

A permit is required for temporary banners (no fee) and is issued by the City Planner. Be sure and stop by City Hall, call, or send an email to Dana Hazen with any inquiries regarding temporary banners! Temporary Banner Applications are available on the Planning Department page of the Mountain Brook website (see Helpful Links), or may be requested via email. Your cooperation in keeping our City "de-cluttered" is appreciated!