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Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Zoning Ordinances Adopted:

Repeal of Highway 280 Overlay and Map

Community Shopping District (Permitted Uses) (revisions 20140409)

Community Shopping District (Permitted Uses) and Definition of "Shopping Center"

Detached Accessory Buildings - Eliminate 15% Rule

Expiration of a Variance

Short Term Rentals

Section 129-192 Conditional Uses in the Local Business District - adding medical/dental clinics as a permitted conditional use.

Section 129-555, Village Overlay Standards - Minimum Parking Requirements for Fitness Studios

Article XXIII - Home Occupations

Article XVI - PUD Ordinance (Hwy 280 Gateways)

Articles III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XXII, and XXVIII and Residence F-Legacy District (Gardens & Greenhouses in Residential Districts, Res-A District Conditional Uses, Legacy Res-F District and Non-conforming Structures & Uses).

Articles III, IV, V, VII, VIII, XVIII, XX and XIX (permitted setback encroachments for architectural features; and increase in maximum floor area and height of accessory buildings eligible for 10-foot side and rear setbacks)

Office Uses and Medical Clinics

Open Houses, Home Tours & Special Events

Section 129-192(b) adding Veterinary Clinics to Conditional Uses in the Local Business District.

Recreational-2 District

129-557 Village Maps - Memory Court change to "secondary frontage"

Definitions, Development Standards & Accessory Structures

Local Business District

Residence B and Residence C Districts

Articles III, IV, V, XVIII and XIX (setbacks, fence heights, etc...)

Fences, Columns and Gates

Vine Street Transitional (VST) District

Publication Requirements

Sign Ordinance

Repeal Flood Plain Overlay District