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Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Zoning Ordinances Adopted:

27. Add Catering to Local Business District

26. Repeal of Highway 280 Overlay and Map

25. Community Shopping District (Permitted Uses) (revisions 20140409)

24. Community Shopping District (Permitted Uses) and Definition of "Shopping Center"

23. Detached Accessory Buildings - Eliminate 15% Rule

22. Expiration of a Variance

21. Short Term Rentals

20. Section 129-192 Conditional Uses in the Local Business District - adding medical/dental clinics as a permitted conditional use.

19. Section 129-555, Village Overlay Standards - Minimum Parking Requirements for Fitness Studios

18. Article XXIII - Home Occupations

17. Article XVI - PUD Ordinance (Hwy 280 Gateways)

16. Articles III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XXII, and XXVIII and Residence F-Legacy District (Gardens & Greenhouses in Residential Districts, Res-A District Conditional Uses, Legacy Res-F District and Non-conforming Structures & Uses).

15. Articles III, IV, V, VII, VIII, XVIII, XX and XIX (permitted setback encroachments for architectural features; and increase in maximum floor area and height of accessory buildings eligible for 10-foot side and rear setbacks)

14. Office Uses and Medical Clinics

13. Open Houses, Home Tours & Special Events

12. Section 129-192(b) adding Veterinary Clinics to Conditional Uses in the Local Business District.

11. Recreational-2 District

10. 129-557 Village Maps - Memory Court change to "secondary frontage"

9. Definitions, Development Standards & Accessory Structures

8. Local Business District

7. Residence B and Residence C Districts

6. Articles III, IV, V, XVIII and XIX (setbacks, fence heights, etc...)

5. Fences, Columns and Gates

4. Vine Street Transitional (VST) District

3. Publication Requirements

2. Sign Ordinance

1. Repeal Flood Plain Overlay District