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2017 Deadline/Hearing Schedule

2018 Deadline/Hearing Schedule

2017 City Hall Holiday (Closing) Schedule

Village Master Plan

Zoning Map (see below for Navigation tips) 

Navigation Tips: 

Click on "search for an address," then type in the address. 

Click on the subject parcel. An information window will display the zoning of the property and a link to the zoning ordinance, along with a variety of other property attributes.

**The online zoning map is provided as a convenience. Please contact the Department of Planning, Design, and Sustainability to verify current zoning.**
Zoning Code

Accessory Buildings, Fences, Swimming Pools

Subdivision Regulations (Amended in its entirety March 4, 2013) and related Road Classifications Map

Sign Ordinance (Amended October 13, 2014).

Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) Application (Variances & Appeals)

Planning Commission Application (Resurveys, Subdivisions, Rezoning, Conditional Uses)

Sign Application/Design Review Application

Temporary Special Event Banner Permit Application

Sidewalk Cafe Ordinance
Sidewalk Cafe Application

Home Occupation Application

Map of Mountain Brook Village all-day parking
Map of Crestline Village all-day parking

Highway 280 Overlay & Overlay Map

Driver's Guide to the New 280

Recreational Vehicle Ordinance

Small Cell Ordinance
Small Cell Fee Schedule