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Candidate for Elected Office Information

Candidates must familiarize themselves with the various reporting and other requirements of the Alabama Ethics Commission and Fair Campaign Practices Act. Following are some useful documents and links for candidates for public office and public employees:

Campaign Finance Law Changes Since the 2012 Municipal Elections (NEW)

2016 Candidate(s) for Elected Office Information Packet

2016 Statement of Candidacy

2016 Affidavit Notice of Requirement to File Statement of Economic Interests Form (re: Act 2015-495)

Alabama Secretary of State Candidate Information

Alabama Ethics Commission (Statement of Economic Interest)

Act 2015-495 Candidates MUST file Statement of Economic Interest directly with Alabama Ethics Commission BEFORE qualifying for public office

Alabama Code - Chapter 25: Code of Ethics for Public Officials, Employees, etc.

Unofficial Restated Alabama Ethics Act (re:  Alabama Ethics Commission)

For specific questions about Fair Campaign Pratices Act filing regulations, please contact The Elections Division of The Secretary of State at (334) 242-7210 or visit their web site.

DISCLAIMER: Use of the above information is at the sole risk of the candidate. It is each candidate's responsibility to independently verify the dates on which forms are due. The City of Mountain Brook and officials thereof disclaim any responsibility or liability for failure to comply with any filing requirement or any other election law.