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Champion Trees

Loosely based on the State Forestry Commission’s long-running program, Mountain Brook Champion Trees seeks to recognize and highlight some of the more significant specimens that are part of the community’s extensive tree canopy. Due, in part, to the degree of tree canopy cover that exists in Mountain Brook, individual trees can be surprisingly easy to overlook. We hope to foster a deeper, more active appreciation for this magnificent resource, by focusing on some of the individual components. Those living and working in Mountain Brook are uniquely positioned to participate and assist in this endeavor.   

If you are aware of a particularly large or otherwise significant tree within the city limits, please take a moment to provide us with some basic information by clicking on the link below. Once notified, we will arrange to evaluate the tree. Please consider/provide the following:

1. Select “Champion Trees” from the dropdown menu

2. State tree species (common name, if known)

3. Tree Location (on or near the roadside, private property, address/nearest intersection/landmark)

    …AND Tree Owner (if known)

4. Contact Information: Nominator’s name and one form of contact (this information will not be shared)

Champion Tree Nomination Form

Please print this form, fill it out, and email it back to