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Municipal Elections

The governing body of the City of Mountain Brook consists of five (5) council members and a mayor. All members of the governing body are elected at-large (as opposed to districts), serve 4-year terms, and receive no compensation for their service to the City. Beginning in 2004, the terms of office of the mayor and members of the city council shall be staggered (City Ordinance No. 1627) and elections will be held every two (2) years.

While the members of the city council are elected at large, each campaigns for and, if elected, holds a specific council place (1 through 5). Following are the current members of the City’s governing body and their respective terms of office:

Place No.


Term of Office Ends
on the first Monday in November

1Alice B. Womack2022
2Philip E. Black2020
3William S. (Billy) Pritchard III2022
4Virginia C. Smith2020
5Lloyd C. Shelton2022
MayorStewart Welch III2020

Municipal elections are held on the fourth Tuesday of August in all even years. Please visit the "City Election Calendar" page for information about the next election.