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Mission and Values Statement

The Mission and Values of the Mountain Brook Police Department

The mission of the Mountain Brook Police Department is to serve the community by protecting life and property; by preventing crime; by enforcing the law; and by maintaining order while safeguarding Constitutional guarantees for all.

Central to our mission are the values that guide our work and decisions, and help us contribute to the quality of life in Mountain Brook.

Our values are qualities of worth. They are non-negotiable. We will never compromise them for the sake of expediency or personal preference.

We hold our values constantly before us to teach and remind us, and the community we serve, of our ideals. They are the foundation upon which our policies, goals and operations are built.

We, the Men and Women of the Mountain Brook Police Department Value:

Human Life
We give the highest priority to the preservation of human life

We hold ourselves to high standards of moral and ethical conduct

We seek our highest potential, we strive for excellence, and we lead by example

We are faithful to our mission and to our organization

We are sensitive to the needs and suffering of others

We are caring people who are doing important, satisfying work; we respect, trust, and support each other