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Crime Prevention

Our department participates in the Birmingham Area Crimestoppers Program coordinated by The Birmingham Area Chamber of Commerce. The programs function is to make the public aware of crimes occurring in their community and to solicit help in the form of information from citizens. This department actively participates in this highly successful program by providing financial support and information exchange.

The Neighborhood Watch and Operation Identification programs allow officers to meet with citizens to provide valuable information on how to protect themselves and their property. We encourage participation in these programs and welcome the opportunity to speak to the citizens. Our goal is to create a partnership between the police, citizens and business owners. Citizens become the eyes and ears of the department in their area, reporting suspicious activity to the police.

The best way for you to help us prevent crime is to remove the opportunity. Lock your car, take your keys and remove any valuables from sight. Keep lawn and sports equipment put away and secured around your home when not in use. Also, there is no one who knows better what is out of place in your neighborhood than you. So, if you see something that looks “funny”, it probably is. We ask everyone to help us by remembering to See it - Hear it - Report it!