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Emergency 911

The Mountain Brook Police Department is a Public Safety Answering Point. This means that the community is served by its own, dedicated Enhanced 911 system. 911 calls are answered by dispatchers in the Police Department radio room. The callerís name, address and phone number are displayed to the dispatchers so that, should the connection be broken before all pertinent information can be gathered, units can still be dispatched to the correct location.

The Public Safety Dispatchers, who handle dispatch operations for both Police and Fire, are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch procedures. This allows them to provide valuable, life saving information to callers while emergency vehicles are en route to the scene.

911 should only be used when personal safety, life or property is at risk. It is designed to provide the quickest response in emergency situations. Use of 911 for non-emergency calls only ties up the system for those who are in danger.

Due to growing misuse of the 911 system, the City Council passed an ordinance making it a violation to make a non-emergency 911 call. If you call 911 by mistake, donít hang up. Make the dispatcher aware that it was a mistake and that there is no emergency. Regardless, we will dispatch a car to your location to be sure you are OK.

It is also a good idea to make a test 911 call annually. Just dial 802-2414 and, when the dispatcher answers, tell them you want to make a test 911 call. Then dial 911 and allow them to verify your name and address as shown in our 911 system. If you live in Mountain Brook, dial 911 and another agency answers, notify us immediately so that we can correct the problem.

Note that if you dial 911 from a cellular phone, the call will go to the closest cell tower and will be routed to the jurisdiction in which the cell tower is geographically located.