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Residential Fire Sprinklers

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Dear Homeowner:

The Mountain Brook City Council adopted Ordinance 1856, amending the 2009 International Residential Code to provide an exemption to the provisions requiring residential fire sprinklers.

This amendment does not remove the residential fire sprinkler requirements, but allows the homeowner an opportunity to receive an exemption to the sprinkler requirements. In order to receive an exemption, the homeowner must review educational material developed by the Mountain Brook Fire Department and certify that he or she understands and acknowledges the risks associated with opting not to install a residential fire sprinkler system.

Please review the following information and watch the YouTube video, then decide for yourself if Residential Fire Sprinklers are a valuable tool to protect your family and your property.

If I can be of any assistance in this matter, or you have any questions, please contact me.

Leland Rhudy, Battalion Chief
Fire Marshal

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